Improving your site performance starts with the fundamentals: overviewing the shopping path and analytics overview, to identify the quick-wins to impact performance  and customer experience right away. See below for a quick look at available services.

Digital Roadmap

Define your digital roadmap. We’ll start with a qualitative and analytics site assessment to identify opportunities for improved performance. We’ll look at both short term and long-term initiatives for a comprehensive plan. Quick wins: the ‘do now’ essentials that will drive immediate improvements to the customer experience, site performance and accessibility. Identify top priorities: the must-do’s to be competitive … Continue reading Digital Roadmap

Architecture & navigation

Clear, easy to use navigation is a critical part of your site’s success. Each step in the navigation should be intuitive, easy to select, and easy for the customer to backtrack or start down a new path. Analytics can tell us where customers may be getting stuck. Best practices can help position your site for … Continue reading Architecture & navigation

Shopping path optimization

The single most important thing you should do on a regular basis. Significant increases in conversion can be achieved simply by optimizing the shopping path.  Optimization will start with an assessment of the path to purchase, with recommendations for immediate & longer term wins to drive measurable site improvements, and improved customer experience to ensure improved customer … Continue reading Shopping path optimization


Overall site assessment to analyze top traffic sources, performance by segment, and identify key opportunities or recommended areas of focus. Identify areas needing improvement and measure results as updates are made. Set up dashboards to measure site progress, identify areas where deeper dives are needed, and maintain on a weekly or monthly basis. We can also train your team to maintain … Continue reading Analytics

Competitive Assessments

Competitive site assessments provide a benchmark for your level of sophistication against your competitors. What do they do better? Where does your site stand out? What are the areas of opportunity and unmet customer needs that you could excel in? What are your competitors doing to build brand equity, customer loyalty and new customer conversion? Where … Continue reading Competitive Assessments

User testing

Your customer’s point of view is a critical data point in assessing your site performance. User testing is the best way to find the few ‘AHA’s’ that you might not find using site analytics and best practices. With user testing, you can get an understanding of how your customers are shopping the site, where they’re getting stuck- and what the points … Continue reading User testing

Content strategy

Improve your customer’s level of engagement with a content strategy that defines, reinforces and enhances the brand, while also providing the right information where your shopper needs it along the shopping path. Merchandise your site in a way that most improves customer confidence and propensity to engage, and convert on your site. Content strategy will … Continue reading Content strategy

Brand building

Your brand is your most important asset. Every aspect of how your customer interacts with your site and the post-purchase experience will impact the perception of your brand. We can help with brand definition & articulation, and with the methodical and comprehensive application of your brand message throughout the experience. Your brand is articulated both through … Continue reading Brand building


Product copy that sells, blurbs that drive clicks, error messages that support, rather than detract, from your brand, and brand positioning copy that will build, support and enhance your brand message. In addition, we offer corporate communications, site content pages, blogposts, social, PPC, and more. Look to us for all of your brand, product copy and content … Continue reading Writing