User testing

Your customer’s point of view is a critical data point in assessing your site performance. User testing is the best way to find the few ‘AHA’s’ that you might not find using site analytics and best practices.

With user testing, you can get an understanding of how your customers are shopping the site, where they’re getting stuck- and what the points of frustration are. You may validate all of the initiatives already on your punch list, but chances are, you’ll get a few key insights that will change your short-list for site enhancements.

Perform fast-track online user testing, or in-person sessions with actual customers to understand where they’re getting stuck, what they wish they could do, what they love, and what they’d like to see improved.

This is a must-do on an annual basis, or whenever major site changes are launched. It is an excellent way to validate site changes before they’re live, as well.

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